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Simply answer a few quick questions so that we can get you a quote.

1. What style do you want your ribbon cut?

Cut styles
Straight ribbon cut     Angle ribbon cut
Trapezoid/Awareness ribbon cut     Straight angle ribbon cut



What are the different widths of ribbon you can cut? We can cut any width of ribbon from 1/16" and up. Single face satins, double face satins, grosgrains, satin acetates, organics, sheers, wired edge or monofilament edge we can cut them all.

What method will you use to cut my ribbon? The method that we will use to cut your ribbon depends on several factors such as the type of ribbon (manmade, natural, wired edge, or monofilament edge, printed, unprinted, quantity, the width of the ribbon, the length of the ribbon etc.) 90% of the ribbon jobs will be cut with our ribbon cutting machine that uses a precision machined cutting blade heated to the right temperature to cut the ribbon while at the same time sealing the edges to prevent fraying. We have also been known to use scissors, rotary knifes, hand held hot knives if necessary.

How many different cut styles do you have? We have 4:

  • Angle cut
  • Straight cut
  • Trapezoid / opposite angle cut
  • Straight / angle cut

Just choose the method from the shape table below that best suits you application and let us know when sending in your order.

Can you cut my ribbon so that the ends don't fray? YES, If the ribbon is comprised of man-made materials such as the single face satins, double face satins, grosgrains and satin acetate we can cut them with our hot knife which heat seals the ends as part of the process. Other ribbon types and wider widths of ribbon have to be cut by hand and will be more expensive but we can definitely cut them for you.

I have ribbon from another manufacturer can I send it to you? YES just calculate your fees using the table below and send us a Purchase Order and ship us the ribbon and we will start cutting.

How fast can I expect my ribbon? On machine cutting applications we can cut up to 30,000 pieces a day from the time we receive the ribbon. Hand cut applications about 10,000 pieces per day. And we can ship partial orders if necessary. If you have a specific deadline you will need to confirm delivery dates with our customer service department before ordering.

After the ribbon is cut how will it be packaged? We reserve the right to choose the best packaging method based on the requirements of each job. Generally speaking on machine cuts up to 48" the ribbon will be laid flat in a box lined with paper or placed in plastic bags to keep wrinkling to a minimum and to protect the ribbon from moisture and dust during the transit period. Be advised that some ribbons have a tendency to be somewhat "curled" toward the end of the spool and will not lay perfectly flat.

We can also do custom packaging to your specifications. Additional costs and turnaround times may apply so you will need to discuss pricing and availability with our customer service department.

Can you cut HOT STAMPED or other types of printed ribbon between the images? Yes that is called a "precise" cut. Due the extra time involved to precisely cut ribbon between images there are pricing variations as shown in the pricing table below. The other option for cutting printed ribbons is to select "random" cut. A "random cut" is ribbon that is cut to any length you choose but the cut itself can and will fall at different locations of your image. Many individuals with budget constraints will choose the "random" option.

How do I place an order to get my ribbon cut? You can either fax us a purchase order to 765-492-9060 or email us at info@statelineribbonandtrim.com. Once we have the order we will contact you via phone to verify the information and to get you payment info.

Can I combine different colors and sizes of ribbon to get a volume discount? Yes but only if the colors or sizes don't need to be separated. For example: If you had 20 rolls of ribbon total. But you had 5 rolls of 4 different colors (black, red, blue, green) and you needed the colors kept separate then your cutting price would be based on 5 rolls per color instead of the 20 roll price. Please contact us for a quote if you are planning on having multiple colors and widths of ribbon cut.

How do I know how many rolls I will need?

  • Step 1. Take the number of yards on the spool and multiply x 36 = total inches on the spool.
  • Step 2. Divide total inches by the length of your cut=total pieces per spool
  • Step 3. Divide the total pieces of the job by the total pieces per spool = the total number of rolls needed.

What will you do with the extra ribbon? We normally cut until we run out of ribbon which usually allows extras for defects, and splices that accidentally make it into the box. However, if instructed we will stop cutting once the quantity you specify is reached and ship any unused portion of the ribbon along with your order. If choosing this option it is advisable to increase your count by at least 5% so that you don't run short. We are not responsible for shortages unless it is a mistake on our part.


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