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Spooled Goods

Spooled goods have a wide variety of uses because of it's flexibility and strength. Our spooled elastics include round elastics, flat elastic, elastic gimp, elastic tagging string, spooled cord, and spooled rope such as rayon. You can use our spooled goods for creating custom tagging, party favors, sewing and craft projects -- the uses are as varied as your unique ideas. Whatever the need for your spooled goods, State Line has it wrapped-up!


    Spooled Elastic       Spooled Cord / Rope etc
      Round Elastic         Rayon
      Flat Elastic    
      Elastic Gimp    
      Elastic Tagging String    
"I ordered 1 1/ 2" baby maize Offray grosgrain Monday from your company and was assisted by Nyla...She was the most pleasant salesperson that I have ever encountered...Not only did she place my order, but when it was discovered that the abovementioned ribbon didn`t come in a 10 yard purchase, she offered to call other options...When the other options confirmed that Offray ribbon only was sold in 50 yards, she called me back within the hour and confirmed the amount with apology knowing that that amount was well above the amount needed...Only because of her sincerity and prompt assistance did I order the 50 yards...Future birthday, anniversary, etc. presents might be wrapped in your ribbon, but the wedding cake intended will be decorated with the ribbon that Nyla sold me...Thank you Nyla...You`re the best!"
- Alice

SLRT is a distributor for many different companies and is uniquely suited to help residential, retail, and commercial customers alike. We specialize in stocking hard to find decorative packaging items and in helping our customers with creative packaging ideas. We also have our own custom fulfillment shop to meet those crucial deadlines. There is almost nothing we won't wrap, tie, knot, cut, bag or assemble!

If you can't find what you are looking for on our website please call our customer service department
at 800-858-6966, we would love to hear from you.



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