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The tassel is a universal ornament that is seen in varying versions in every culture around the globe. Our tassels come in a variety of colors such as gold, red, silver, white, and many more! Give new life to your menus, programs, invitations, and craft projects with colorful and imaginative tassels and trims.

Tassels are an important item for graduation ceremonies. They represent the accomplishments of the students, and they are an essential part of the academic regalia. Our selection of graduation tassels includes honor cord tassels, basic graduation tassels, kindergarten graduation tassels, mortar board cap tassels, and graduation robe tassels.

Stationary tassels and adjustable program tassels work especially well with wedding invitations. They also work with all types of programs, banquet menus, and items that will be mailed. Our bookmark tassels include chainette bookmark tassels and floss bookmark tassels. Made from the finest quality rayon, chainette bookmark tassels are fancier and heavier than floss tassels and use the same material found in a graduation tassel. Chainette bookmark tassels are ideal for keepsakes and craft projects because they have a long life span and stand up to everyday handling. Floss tassels, on the other hand, are less expensive, thinner, and more delicate. This makes them perfect for banquet menus, invitations, programs, and other promotions that might only be used a few times.

We also offer a wide variety of custom tassel constructions with reasonable minimum requirements and materials from which you can create your own custom tassels to suit any project. We also have tassel making supplies so that you can build your own unique creation. You’ll find everything you need, including tassel cord, tassel chainette, and tassel forms.

Patriotic tassels now available. Featuring red, white and blue colored Floss Bookmark Tassels and Loop Slide Tassels. Perfect for any American holiday or occasion!

Red, White and Blue Patriotic Tassels
   Red, White & Blue Patriotic Tassels
      Floss Bookmark Tassels
      Loop Tassel Slide
    Program Tassels
    Menu Tassels
      Adjustable Slide
Bookmark Tassels Chainette and Floss
   Bookmark Tassels
    Stationery Tassels
    Invitation Tassels
      Adjustable Slipknot
    Graduation Tassels
      Single Honor Cord Tassels
spacer  spacer  spacer  Double Honor Cord Tassels
spacer  spacer   Mortar Board Cap Tassels
spacerspacer spacer  Basic Kinder Graduation Tassels
spacerspacer spacer  Deluxe Kinder Graduation Tassels
   Basic Graduation Tassels
spacerspacer spacer  Deluxe Graduation Tassels
Fez Tassels on a Fez Hat
    Fez Tassels  
    Tassel Making Supplies
  Gold Flag Tassels     Flag Tassels  
    Custom Tassels
      Request a Custom Tassel Quote
      Request a Tassel Sample
      Arabian Horse Tassels  
"Thanks so much for your help today, especially with the extra calling around on my behalf. I couldn't have made my wedding invitations without you!" All the best, Morgen

SLRT is a distributor for many different companies and is uniquely suited to help residential, retail, and commercial customers alike. We specialize in stocking hard-to-find decorative packaging items, craft supplies, and creative packaging supplies. We also have our own custom fulfillment shop to meet those crucial deadlines. There is almost nothing we won't wrap, tie, knot, cut, bag, or assemble!

If you can't find what you are looking for on our website, please call our customer service department at 800-858-6966. We would love to hear from you






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